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More fun with cream cheese and jam on whole grain bread (and blueberries). You may have noticed that this is a popular lunch around here, so just in case you’re wondering if that’s all I feed my three year old (I guess she’s not technically a toddler anymore?):

Other Toddler Breakfast Ideas

I try to stick to 2 servings of whole grains and one serving each of dairy and fruit for breakfast. This usually keeps our little girl going until snacktime around 9:30 or so, when she gets another fruit and dairy with a grain (cheese and apple slices or grapes are popular at the moment) and a cookie or crackers for a treat if we’re on the go…

  • Oatmeal or whole grain O’s with milk with banana slices, berries, or an unsweetened fruit cup mixed in.
  • Buckwheat pancakes with jam
  • Greek style 2% yogurt with fresh fruit

Lunch and Dinner always includes vegetables and protein…

These sandwiches would also work for a ladybug themed party (click on the link to see some more ideas for a ladybug picnic).

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